Hangzhou Jinghan Technology Co., Ltd!

Hangzhou Jinghan Technology Co., Ltd. has a sub brand of "Bobang", which is a company specializing in the production of glass engraving machines, CNC processing centers, laser printers, etc. The factory is located in Puyang, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, with very convenient transportation. Since the establishment of the company, on the basis of gradually improving factory management, the company has adhered to the business philosophy of "building a business with sincerity, building a world with trust", and operated and developed with the idea of "working diligently, pursuing excellence". Moreover, it has been continuously developing and expanding based on the principles of fast time, thoughtful service, and reasonable prices, and relying on the market.


corporate culture

Develop and innovate, based on the market, and seek development, quality, efficiency, and service for users

Production equipment

Currently, there are over 6000 square meters of mechanical processing plants with professional supporting processing workshops

Productive process

Strict control measures are in place from design, development, production, and high-quality shipments.

After-sale service

After more than ten years of practice, Bobang has a strong and experienced professional team;


Continuous years of research and development, design development


Guangzhou Construction Expo ended


2013.7.11, along with the installation process, construction of Guangzhou Expo is coming to an end. In this exhibition, 3016 Automatic Glass Engraver Machine Division I carry to meet with you. On the first day of the opening, our booth will usher in a number of customers to come to consult. They study by the Division I, actual operation

Glass Bangsha river year-end thank the Council



Hangzhou Bobang together with all of you in Guangzhou


2013.7.8-11, China International Building Decoration Fair will be held at Guangzhou grand, our company as one of the exhibitors, will participate in this activity. In this exhibition, we carry 3016 fully automatic cutting machin