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After-sales service
After more than 10 years of practice, the bo bang with a strong and experienced team of professionals; Every staff have been solid professional knowledge and skills training; The management of human nature also let every staff put his enthusiasm and skills without reservation into each of a machine
Service content
Each device to customers in the factory, glass after all nations send experienced engineers to customers on the installation, training and factory on the machine's operation for equipment maintenance training, to ensure that customers can normal industrial production.
No matter when and where, if need, bo bang to provide the professional after-sale services will and will provide technical support in the first time, try to shrink in the customers know equipment factory shutdown of time.
Service way
Bo bang company have professional customer service department, is responsible for the difficult problem of answer and spare parts supply and the door maintenance services.
Bo bang the use of advanced technology and computer tool for users with the most high-quality pre-sale and after-sale service, also can through the E-mail, phone and web-CAM provides the technical support.
Service web site
Bo bang has established the multiple branches and service network accounted for, and  well-trained professional service team, provide customer the most satisfactory service, the technical personnel in the first time you can respond to the problems, and provides the high quality service for you.

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