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With the initiation of the housing project in China, people's living standards are increasing day by day, and the decoration of houses and bathrooms is becoming more and more particular. The demand for decoration materials such as glass craft products is also increasing. The processing of glass craft products The grade is getting higher and higher, and the craft glass carved on the surface is more and more popular in the market. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, this non-polluting glass deep processing method is bound to be recognized by the market. In this way, a mechanical automatic multi-piece processing requirement for glass engraving equipment is proposed, which is a manual single-piece processing operation from a simple line to a straight line combined with a curve and a line with a wide and narrow line. Such a change trend can only be completed by a programmed automatic machining center (CNC) with a tool magazine.
Civil glass is generally dominated by soda lime silicate, with flat white glass and flat mirror glass as common forms. Because the hardness of the glass is relatively high, Mohs hardness is 5.5, so the grinding cutter wheel generally uses copper-based diamond grinding wheel (Mohs hardness 9), resin-based diamond grinding wheel, BD polishing wheel, etc. The grinding process is generally divided into rough grinding, fine grinding, and polishing. The grinding wheel and grinding process vary according to the width of the required processing line. The narrow line only needs rough grinding and polishing; the wide line needs to be roughed, finely grounded, and polished or added as necessary. The glass engraving machine and CNC machining center can easily and quickly create a large number of exquisite patterns for architectural decoration materials such as glass and bathroom mirrors. When organic glass is combined with the equipment, whether it is carved by the engraving machine or the CNC machining center Drilling, grinding, cutting, polishing and other processes will produce a variety of excellent products with flowers.
The machine is mainly used for: art glass, furniture glass, household appliance glass, medical equipment glass, etc.
Art glass: suitable for decorating KTV, PUB, TV background wall, clubhouse, etc.
Furniture glass: mostly carved on the coffee table glass or mirror, also used in furniture glass series.
Sliding doors: It is very popular to engrave linear patterns on glass doors.
Household appliances glass: such as gas stove panel, kitchenware panel, refrigerator, etc.;

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