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after-sale service


After more than ten years of practice, Bobon has a strong and experienced professional team; Every employee has received solid professional knowledge and skill training; Humanized management also allows every employee to unreservedly apply their enthusiasm and skills to every machine


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After each equipment arrives at the customer's factory, Bobon will send experienced engineers to the customer's factory for installation training, and provide equipment maintenance training for the operation of the machine to ensure that the customer can conduct normal industrial production.


Whenever and wherever necessary, Bobon will provide professional after-sales service and provide technical support in the first place, minimizing the downtime of equipment at the customer's factory.


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The company has a professional customer service department responsible for solving difficult problems, supplying spare parts, and providing on-site maintenance services.


Bobon utilizes advanced technology and computer tools to provide users with the highest quality pre and post sales services, as well as technical support through email phone and web cam.


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Bobon has established multiple branches and service networks, and has built a well-trained professional team to provide customer satisfaction services. The company's technical personnel can respond to your questions in the first time and provide you with high-quality services.